Digital certificates and security

If you want your customers to make a payment or purchase through your website, you need a digital certificate and a secure socket layer (SSL).

When making a purchase in a brick-and-mortar store, customers know where their credit card information is going. And if something is wrong with the purchase, customers know they can return and the issue will be resolved.

On the web, however, customers don’t have that personal knowledge and contact that distinguishes in-store shopping from online shopping. They do not always know who owns the site or if their credit card information will be safe—whether during transfer over the network or when received by the merchant.

A digital certificate and SSL provides your customer with the following:

  1. Certification that your site owns  the “public key,” which is used to decrypt your information.
  2. Knowledge that all personal information will be encrypted and transmitted securely.
  3. Knowledge that all personal information can not be tampered with or forged.

Even if your customers don’t know or care about online security, it is your obligation to provide this security. Now, here’s the good news: we take care of acquiring your certificate and public key, installing it on the server and ensuring all relevant forms are submitted via the secure socket.

If you have any questions about digital certificates or secure sockets, we’ll be happy to answer them.

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