Your domain name

Whether you already have a domain or need to get one, N{I}S will perform the necessary domain searches to determine the best options for you. And once you have decided on your domain, we will take care of the registration and management of the name.

Choosing your domain

Your domain name represents your business online. It should be a name that translates easily when spoken and, if possible, doesn’t require spelling when speaking on the phone.

Most business owners choose a domain name that matches the name of their business, however the desired domain is not always available. In fact, some businesses may create a list of possible names and choose the business name based on the available domains.

Here are some suggestions for selecting a domain name:

  • Stick with .com when possible (unless you’re a or a
  • Don’t take the .net when the .com is taken (some of your customers will type .com out of habit)
  • Keep it short (your domain will also be the last part of your email)
  • Avoid dashes
  • Avoid pairing words that create repeating letters, especially with possessives (

When you’re ready to find your domain, let us know—we’ll start searching for the available names that best represent your business.

Contact us with any questions or comments.